SKIN CARE ROLLER Scorpion,1.5mm,FDA approved,1.5,MICRO NEEDLE SYSTEM,To make use of with Derma skni caring Creams as well as Serums.FREE PAIR OF EYE MASK with Roller.

* Skin Roller Serious Skin Care treatment,True Quality as well as Craftsmanship!!!!!!!!!!! with a far-reaching as well as pointed hoop for improved Grip as well as carry out of your Roller,FDA approved. *Sterilized as well as Sealed!!!!!!!, DONT BUY CHEAP NO SEALING ROLLER.Make certain we ask if Sterilized is noted upon a box prior to we buy. The 1.5mm Skin drum is a insubordinate cosmetic palm hold apparatus written to dramatically enlarge a efficacy of your skin caring products as well as treatments. The Roller is Quality upon trial ISO 9001: 2000 authorized Scientifically proven over any disbelief Cost effective- lasts for 1 year of treatments If acne scarring, ageing or wrinkles have been a complaint for we & if we wish to get improved faster formula with your existent skin caring products afterwards we need a Skin Roller! These Rollers have been written to satisfy a body's own prolongation of collagen. The 192 needles satisfy physique own collagen (CIT) in deeper skin layers to strenghten a junction hankie as well as to minize a standard "orange-skin-apperance". It is versed with 192 immaculate steel needles in 8 rows. Needle diameter: 0,22mm. Rolling a cylinder upon a skin aspect creates even deeper micro-channels upon a total integument as well as dermis. At a same time, these longer needles will fall short injure collagen bundles, atrophic widen outlines or cellulitis bundles (orange skin). The best Skin Roller disinfectant can give. Typical scars which have been treated with colour with: *Facelift scars *Hair transplantation scars (Strip procession scars, scalp rebate or scalp prolongation scars) Surgical intestinal scars (appendectomy, Cesarean section, abdominoplasty etc) Thoracic scars Breast cosmetic operation scars (Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast reformation scars) Post liposuction scars Orthopedic scars (Knee, femoral, top arm, vertebral scars etc.) Burn contractures

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