Set of Five Functional Keratin Cynergy TK skin caring products Plus Bonus Eye Cream

Set of 5 New Zealand Cynergy TK skin caring products: 1. Protective Day Cream with kiwifruit 80gr/2.82oz, WO2; 2. Night Cream with tamarillo 80gr/2.82oz, WO3; 3. Hand as well as Body Cream with avocado150gr/5.3oz, WO6; Cleansing soap with manuka sugar 100gr/3.53oz, WO5; as well as mouth relief with strawberry 15ml/0.51fl.oz, WO7. FOR A LIMITED TIME, set includes a giveaway Cynergy TK Eye Cream (EYC1, worth $7.95). Functional Keratin (TM) is a new thing element which captures for a initial time all a earthy as well as biological characteristics of local keratin in a versatile as well as active form. This is a New Zealand creation used to remove organic keratin from sheep's wool. Koru Naturals is unapproachable to move to a U.S., underneath a disdainful arrangement, a Pure Source operation of New Zealand Cynergy TK skin caring products. These products mix Cynergy TK with New Zealand ripened offspring extracts which yield anti-oxidant activities which strengthen your skin opposite environmental damage. Unlike many keratin extracts upon a market, a Cynergy TK keratin, constructed by New Zealand's Keratec company, is entirely total as well as not denatured with clever solvents. This confers a product a capability to correlate synergistically with tellurian skin, ensuing in singular as well as glorious beauty properties. Our products have been clinically proven to: 1. revoke excellent lines as well as wrinkles 2. foster trust as well as agility of a skin 3. revoke redness due to inflammation or supportive skin and, 4. urge a liughtness of a skin.

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