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Skin Care Products Review At CVS : On The Go Review Part 1

The Next Video Is Here This link here sums up which brands works best for your skin type. Check it out if you are a little confused. Sorry for the shaky camera, this is the first time I've ever done anything like this. Granted, I received lots of odd stares, but I assured them that I was not bonkers...kind of.. So this On The Go Review takes place at CVS. I figured almost every part of the state has CVS, and you can find most of these products at any major drugstores and such. I will be doing a Walgreens, Target, Mac, Sephora and more On The Go Review in the future. Sample of "Pura Suadade (Nova Bossa Nova)" by Fantastic Plastic Machine Royalty Free Song

Beauty Skin Care Routine

Yesstyle now stocks CURE ! Woopee! (FYI, I am not affiliated with the sales of this product) UPDATE: Ok, bubscribers have informed me that you can buy CURE from the webbie below: Bright Up Nano Eyemask and Cosline Tomato Fresk Pack are cheap and effective finds which can be checked out at Big thanks again to who is a supportive sponsor for Bubzbeauty videos and has featured me on their website. Remember Beauty is skin deep. Drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep is the best free beauty treatment in the World. Remember everybody is different. Although these products work well on my skin and I recommend the range, it may differ on different skin types. I trust each and everyone of you to be able to figure out what works best on your skin. It took me YEARS to realise what is best for my skin and I have no doubt you guys will be able to figure whats best for you. Listen to your skin and work with it, not against it.

Night Time Skin Care

Follow Me on Twitter: Skin care Products I use: The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: Clean and Clear Morning Burst Face Wash: CLINIQUE TONER Comb-dry skin: MaryKay Intense Eye Creme MaryKay Anti-Aging Moisterizer MaryKay Night Time Solution

Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

***i know the products i use are expensive, but, like i say in the video, my skin is something i am willing to invest in :) if you don't want to spend that much money on skin care products, choose just 1 splurge item, then use drugstore products for the rest. example: use a drugstore cleanser and eye creme, and a higher end face creme.. you REALLY will notice a difference :) LOTS, AND LOTS, AND LOTS, AND LOTS OF LINKS... AND THEN LOTS MORE! subscribe to my vlog channel! follow me on twitter! subscribe to my sisters channel! watch my sisters skin care video (for dry skin) watch my previous skin care videos! -clinique 3 step and accutane story: -clinique 3 step and adara oil: -clinique 3 step and products: -clinique 3 step: ^^^^hahahaha, as you can tell... i really like the clinique 3 step skin care system! watch xsparkage's mario badescu videos: -acne products: -follow up review: -silver powder: -whitening mask: PRODUCTS I USE: Clarisonic Plus $225 Laura Mercier Face Polish $30 Laura Mercier One Step Cleanser $35 Laura Mercier Illuminating Brightener $70 Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Creme $95 Laura Mercier Firming Eye Cream $40 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17 Mario Badescu Silver Powder $12 Mario Badescu Whitening Mask $24 FTC Disclaimer: the only thing given to me for free was the clarisonic plus, and it was given to me to test out and let the company know what i thought about it, and if it made a difference with my skin. i fell in love with it instantly! the rest of the products i bought with my own money. none of these companies are paying me for this video and all opinions are my own!

Top Secret Skin care recipe

This is easy and very effective. Recipe is used by some of the most expensive professional skin care lines on the market. This recipe will cure a host of skin care problems! Use it as a "body-mask", a "Facial mask", or as a spot treatment on problem area's. Very Effective against Psorisis, Callouses, Rough/dry skin, Cellulite, stretch marks, and even wrinkles caused by sun damage! All for about $5.

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