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Updated Skin Care Routine Products mentioned: Almay moisturizing eye makeup remover pads Olay Daily Facials - combo/oily skin Dickinson's Witch hazel Toner Olay Regenerist night recovery cream Olay eye lifting serum Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock spf 55

Top Secret Skin care recipe

This is easy and very effective. Recipe is used by some of the most expensive professional skin care lines on the market. This recipe will cure a host of skin care problems! Use it as a "body-mask", a "Facial mask", or as a spot treatment on problem area's. Very Effective against Psorisis, Callouses, Rough/dry skin, Cellulite, stretch marks, and even wrinkles caused by sun damage! All for about $5.

My Skin Care

Hope this helps you guys, it was requested SOOO much!! sorry bout the choppy editing, but i wanted it to be a small video. Questions? PRODUCTS: NIVEA VISAGE: -Gentle Exfoliating Scrub -Refreshing Cleansing Lotion -Refreshing Toner -Oil Free Moisturising Fluid -Bye Bye Spot! sos stick So Fresh - Exfoliating Towelettes Lips: Lucas Pawpa Ointemnt Lip Butter by Naturally Facial: 70% coconut oil 30% caster/ olive oil mix together and then massage onto clean face. steam for 1min. Genitally exfoliate using 'Gentle Exfoliating Scrub' OR us the tip of a tomato and get 1teaspoon of sugar, mix with 1 teaspoon of warm water. Gently Exfoliate. Splash cold water all over face to close pores for 10seconds. Formula 10.0.6 Pres be Pure mud mask. Disclaimer: i am not associated with any of the company's /products mentioned in this video. i am NOT getting paid to make this video. All products where bought using my OWN money, apart from all the nivea products, Exfoliating Towelettes and Formulas 10.0.6 because they where all gifts.

Winter Skin Care Tips

Ways to prevent dry skin & irritation during the winter season

Natural Skin & Hair Care : Tips for Growing Your Hair Long

Learn natural techniques for growing your hair long and healthy in this free video clip. Expert: Noopur Mishra Bio: Noopur Mishra is an immensely talented cook. Taken up cooking classes she has an knack of innovating new dishes that are still native to her culture. One of her specialties is sandwiches. Filmmaker: ANISH BHATIA

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