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Skincare Basics

Just talkin' about the basics of skincare. Anyone can use these tips. If you try anything I talk about, let me know! BEFORE YOU ASK, I Already did a tutorial for the neutral look I have on. It will be posted next week. Basic: Cleanse Cleanse tone Moisturize Once or Twice a week: Cleanse Cleanse tone Exfoliate tone Mask tone Moisturize YOU DO NOT have to tone between everything, its just nice to do since it restores the skins natural pH balance before doing the next step!

Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

***i know the products i use are expensive, but, like i say in the video, my skin is something i am willing to invest in :) if you don't want to spend that much money on skin care products, choose just 1 splurge item, then use drugstore products for the rest. example: use a drugstore cleanser and eye creme, and a higher end face creme.. you REALLY will notice a difference :) LOTS, AND LOTS, AND LOTS, AND LOTS OF LINKS... AND THEN LOTS MORE! subscribe to my vlog channel! follow me on twitter! subscribe to my sisters channel! watch my sisters skin care video (for dry skin) watch my previous skin care videos! -clinique 3 step and accutane story: -clinique 3 step and adara oil: -clinique 3 step and products: -clinique 3 step: ^^^^hahahaha, as you can tell... i really like the clinique 3 step skin care system! watch xsparkage's mario badescu videos: -acne products: -follow up review: -silver powder: -whitening mask: PRODUCTS I USE: Clarisonic Plus $225 Laura Mercier Face Polish $30 Laura Mercier One Step Cleanser $35 Laura Mercier Illuminating Brightener $70 Laura Mercier Tone Perfecting Creme $95 Laura Mercier Firming Eye Cream $40 Mario Badescu Drying Lotion $17 Mario Badescu Silver Powder $12 Mario Badescu Whitening Mask $24 FTC Disclaimer: the only thing given to me for free was the clarisonic plus, and it was given to me to test out and let the company know what i thought about it, and if it made a difference with my skin. i fell in love with it instantly! the rest of the products i bought with my own money. none of these companies are paying me for this video and all opinions are my own!

Beauty Skin Care Routine

Yesstyle now stocks CURE ! Woopee! (FYI, I am not affiliated with the sales of this product) UPDATE: Ok, bubscribers have informed me that you can buy CURE from the webbie below: Bright Up Nano Eyemask and Cosline Tomato Fresk Pack are cheap and effective finds which can be checked out at Big thanks again to who is a supportive sponsor for Bubzbeauty videos and has featured me on their website. Remember Beauty is skin deep. Drinking lots of water and getting lots of sleep is the best free beauty treatment in the World. Remember everybody is different. Although these products work well on my skin and I recommend the range, it may differ on different skin types. I trust each and everyone of you to be able to figure out what works best on your skin. It took me YEARS to realise what is best for my skin and I have no doubt you guys will be able to figure whats best for you. Listen to your skin and work with it, not against it.

Night Time Skin Care Routine

A sensible plan to take care of your skin and help fight the visible signs of ageing. Pre-Step: Use a makeup remover to remove all traces of makeup. Step 1: Use a water soluble cleanser Step 2: (optional) Use a fragrance free toner on the skin. This should contain antioxidants and or skin soothing ingredients. Step 3: Use an exfoliant, either AHA or BHA product. Usage depends on how well your skin tolerates the product. AHA's are best for normal to sun-damaged skin. BHA are best for oily to blemish prone skins - as BHA's can exfoliate the pore whereas AHA's only exfoliates the skins surface. If you are allergic to aspirin than ask your doctor about using a BHA product before. Step 4: Use a retinol based product. Usage depends again on how well your skin tolerates it. Retinol can cause skin redness and peeling so bare this in mind. Not everyone can use this. NOTE: If you're using a medical Retin-A product (not that same as retinol) than a chemical exfoliant may not be necessary and may lead to increased skin sensitivity. Step 5: Use a moisturiser that contains antioxidants and cell-communicating ingredients. This step is not necessary if you have oily skin. Oily skin has a built in moisturiser and over applying moisturisers can lead to an increase in breakouts. NOTE: AHA and BHA products are pH dependant and need to be within a pH of 3-5 in order to exfoliant properly. When the pH is over 5 its ability to exfoliate stops working and it becomes more of a moisturiser than an exfoliant. If you do not use a chemical exfoliate or you can use a moisturiser that contains urea as this exfoliates and might be more beneficial to skin types that are very sensitive. You also have an option to use a scrub. All products have been shown in studies to have a beneficial impact on the skin and will help in the fight against wrinkling and ageing. In the day time make sure you use a sunscreen that is SPF 15 of higher and use enough to cover the face and neck. It is ok to use a foundation that contains an SPF of 15 or higher but make sure you apply enough to cover the skin. A light application will not provide enough sun protection. Remember everyones skin is different. It would be nice if all cosmetics companies only sold products that truly worked with ingredients that were beneficial to the skin - sadly that is not the case. However i do believe that more and more products are coming on the market that are better researched and offer a much better chance of actually doing something - other than reducing our bank balances. On a personal note i can use an exfoliant about 4-5 times a week - anything more and my skin gets dry. I also use the clarisonic face brush (which i personally think is very very good) but i only use this in the morning for 60 seconds. While this tool is considered a cleansing tool - it still as the ability to exfoliate so bare this in mind if you're using it and adjust your routine accordingly. If possible all products should be fragrance free and if possible colourant free. I hope you found the above helpful. I believe it is more beneficial than the original video that mentioned skin layering. Thank you for your time. Wayne

Conversations with Andre (My NYC Travel Vlog) & BLOOPERS

Hello Everyone!! This video is a compilation of clips and a random discussion from my recent trip to New York City. I hope you enjoy it !! Andre and I discuss skin care products, the inexpensive Sephora cleansing brush, obtaining samples (lol), and some popular tourist spots in NYC. This video was filmed at 5:10 in the morning on my last day in the city and the topics are quite scattered, but I think there is something interesting buried in there for just about anyone ;). Add us both on Twitter if you have yet to do so: Me: Andre: If you still havent seen the original Q&A session with Andre and I, make sure to check it out (then this video will probably make more sense) Thank you so much for watching!! I will try my absolute hardest to reply to all comments :) -Michael The makeup application video I did with Andre will be up in a couple days :

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