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Updated Skincare Routine!

*Bee Luscious Coupon Code at beautybroadcast (all lowercase, one word). Will give you 10% off your order- there's already a 25% off discount- so you can get a total of 35% off the order! Must be logged in and registered when you type it in! (full details & links to past reviews on my blog) DAY: -Bee Luscious Vibran-C Cleanser -Bee Luscious Vibran-C Skin Mist -Bee Luscious Vibran-C Day Lotion SPF 15 ( NIGHT: -Olay Daily Facials Cleansing Cloths OR Vibran-C Cleanser -Pond's Dry Skin Cream (sparingly) -Bee Luscious Oolong Tea & Carrot Oil Eye Cream AS NEEDED: -Clean & Clear Persa-gel -Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask TWITTER: BLOG:

Skin Care Miracle

* * The Regimen * Acne.Org YouTube Page: Follow me on Twitter: MOTIVES COSMETICS: Earn Cashback: Purchase your Sigma Makeup here: Makeup By Leina FaceBook: * GLAMMED UP BY LEINA: Enter coupon code: "LEINA10" for 10% off your total purchase! Beautylish: FTC: NOT SPONSORED. I purchased this skin care line with my own money. I'm being 100% honest! This has changed my life!

Essential Skincare for Your Twenties [ Epi #305] Connect With DermTV: In this first of the "Skincare by the Decades" series, Dr. Schultz share the essential skincare products to use in a regimen for twenty year olds.

Conversations with Andre (My NYC Travel Vlog) & BLOOPERS

Hello Everyone!! This video is a compilation of clips and a random discussion from my recent trip to New York City. I hope you enjoy it !! Andre and I discuss skin care products, the inexpensive Sephora cleansing brush, obtaining samples (lol), and some popular tourist spots in NYC. This video was filmed at 5:10 in the morning on my last day in the city and the topics are quite scattered, but I think there is something interesting buried in there for just about anyone ;). Add us both on Twitter if you have yet to do so: Me: Andre: If you still havent seen the original Q&A session with Andre and I, make sure to check it out (then this video will probably make more sense) Thank you so much for watching!! I will try my absolute hardest to reply to all comments :) -Michael The makeup application video I did with Andre will be up in a couple days :

Top Secret Skin care recipe

This is easy and very effective. Recipe is used by some of the most expensive professional skin care lines on the market. This recipe will cure a host of skin care problems! Use it as a "body-mask", a "Facial mask", or as a spot treatment on problem area's. Very Effective against Psorisis, Callouses, Rough/dry skin, Cellulite, stretch marks, and even wrinkles caused by sun damage! All for about $5.

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