Johnson's Body Care, Deep Hydrating Extra Dry Skin Lotion, 14-Ounce Pump Bottles (Pack of 4)

Helps additional dry, parched skin. Lasts twenty-four hours. Clinically proven mildness. This higher moisturizing regulation delivers uninterrupted recovering hydration for twenty-four hours, to reanimate rough, thirsty, additional dry skin. Fast interesting as well as splendidly scented, a multiple of healthy lipids as well as a hold of baby oil effectively feed as well as close in moisture, withdrawal it feeling ideally baby soothing all day, but a oily feel of alternative lotions. These rich nutritive emollients as well as skin softening mixture well-spoken as well as moisturize even a driest skin. Great for make make use of of upon a total family, it is clinically proven mild, allergy as well as dermatologist tested, so we can trust it for make make use of of upon all skin types. Made in Canada.

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