Aura Cacia Apricot Kernel Natural Skin Care Oil -- sixteen fl oz

Apricot heart oil is tall in skin-nourishing necessary greasy acids. Its light, well-spoken properties revive skin physical nature in massage, bath as well as after-shower applications. The oil is voiced from the seed kernels of developed apricots.The benefits of minimally polished oilsMost skin caring oils have been put by bleaching, deoderizing as well as winterizing processes which frame divided most of their critical components. Aura Cacia skin caring oils have been minimally processed to keep the full form of skin-supporting benefits. This might outcome in the little cloudiness or particles looming in the oil. This is justification of tall quality, minimally processed healthy oil.100% pristine botanical ingredients. Not tested upon animals.Try apricot heart oil for: Once-a-week prohibited oil hair treatment; the healthy source of vitamin B as well as skin-nourishing greasy acids, an under-eye moisturizer as well as rejuvenator.Botanical Name: Prunus armeniaca

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